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  • This document contains the official guidelines, regulations, and limitations of criminal enterprise organizations and gangs within Lucid City. Anything listed within this document applies to any and all individuals that partake in organized criminal activity, and any and all registered and verified criminal organizations. Any infractions on these rules and guidelines will be handled by members of the criminal enterprise team also known as the gang management team.


    00. BRIEFING.


    · 00.01: Criminal enterprise policies are enforced in a different manner than that of the community policy, and by a team that is primarily dedicated to dealing with criminal enterprise organizations. Organizations are penalized through the usage of a five strike system, primarily for infractions on the criminal enterprise policy, but can also be issued for violations on the community policy. Upon the assignment of a strike, the following will occur:


    - WARNING: Upon the assignment of a warning, the responsible organization will be mandated to pay a repercussion citation of up to: $1,000,000, as well as the members of that organization which is responsible for the warning being given a written warning under standard community infractions.

    STRIKE ONE: Upon the assignment of the first strike, the responsible organization will be mandated to pay a repercussion citation of up to: $2,000,000, as well as the members of that organization which is responsible for the infraction being given a written warning under standard community infractions.

    - STRIKE TWO: Upon the assignment of the second strike, the responsible organization will be forced to pay a repercussion citation of up to: $5,000,000, as well as the members of that organization which is responsible for the infraction being given a suspension up to five days under standard community infractions.

    - STRIKE THREE: Upon the assignment of the third strike, the responsible organization will be forced to pay a repercussion citation of up to: $10,000,000, as well as the members of that organization which is responsible for the infraction being given a suspension up to fourteen days under standard community infractions, as well as those members being removed from the organization if they are responsible for the organization receiving strikes in the past.

    - STRIKE FOUR: Upon the assignment of the fourth strike, the responsible organization will be forced to pay a repercussion citation of up to: $20,000,000, as well as the members of the organization which is responsible for the infraction being given a suspension up to thirty one days under standard community infractions, as well as those members being removed from the organization.

    - STRIKE FIVE: Upon the assignment of the fifth strike, the responsible organization will be indefinitely suspended from acting in the capacity of a criminal enterprise organization, and shall be considered disbanded and blacklisted from ever being re-created under the same standards, name, and clothing, as well as the individuals responsible for this specific strike being given a suspension up to the level of indefinite if deemed necessary.




    · 01.01: The regulations and guidelines stated and written on this page are fully applicable to any officially recognized criminal enterprise organizations, but may also be applicable towards unofficial and / or non-recognized criminal organizations and gangs to a certain degree depending on the context of each and every situation.

    · 01.02: Perpetrating criminal acts both violent and non-violent in a highly public and / or visible area such as government facilities is forbidden without appropriate reasoning and initiation behind such acts. Realistically members of criminal organization would attempt to stay low, and off the radar of law enforcement agencies.

    · 01.03: If a certain interaction and / or scenario that involves criminal activity is initiated outside of locations that are frowned upon, then that scenario and / or interaction may be taken into that location to prevent individuals from attempting to loophole and / or abuse this specific rule, however only applicable if the roleplay that is being carried out is reasonable.




    · 02.01: Your criminal enterprise organization may consist of ten individuals as a unregistered criminal enterprise organization, upon submitting a registration form and having your organization registered that capacity will be bumped to twenty, and upon obtaining verification, you may be up to twenty four individuals in the organization. This does not include associates and affiliates as they are not members of your organization.

    · 02.02: The amount of individuals you can be in one area at a time is based of the status that your organization has reached, if you are a unregistered organization you may be up to ten individuals carrying out activities, if your organization is registered, then twenty, and if your organization is verified then up to twenty four individuals. This does not apply to activities that are intended to involve law enforcement: (ref: 02.03) for specifics on the capacities in regards of law enforcement involved activities and interactions.

    · 02.03: If your organization intends to carry out criminal activities with intentions of involving law enforcement personnel and agencies, then the amount of individuals you may be at once is up to eight people, however this does not overrule the heist and robbery rules in the primary community policy.

    · 02.04: If members of a registered or verified criminal organization wishes to carry out criminal activities with members of other organizations that are not considered as official allies, then the capacity is set to six individuals regardless of which activities that the individuals involved intend to carry out minus that of banks, refer to bank capacities.




    · 03.01: In order to carry out robberies or theft against other players you need to play it out in a manner where it provides an interaction on both sides of the story. Just walking up to another individual and pointing your gun at the person, then robbing the person, and furthermore just leaving without giving the individual a interaction is low effort.

    · 03.02: Upon reaching a certain validity to conduct the robbery of another individual, or group of individuals, the involved parties may continue and do so within reason, and may only initiate a total of two unrelated and separate interactions and / or scenario's such as this within the span of an hour.

    · 03.03: If a group of individuals from your criminal enterprise organization, or any members of other related organizations intends to carry out robberies together, refer to the policies as listed on this page, but also make sure to refer to the community policy and guidelines: (ref: 14.01, 14.04, 14.06 and 14.10).


    04. HEISTS:


    · 04.01: Any form for robbery that involves robbing a public location such as a bank, store, jewelry store, and so forth may be carried out under the appropriate guidelines that are listed within the community policy: (ref: 14.02, 14.03, 14.04, 14.06, 14.07, 14.08, 14.09), and within the group quantity limits as specified under the criminal enterprise policy: (ref: 02.03 and 02.04).

    · 04.02: Any robberies and heists towards a specific public location has to be properly planned by the criminal organization carrying it out for realism, but also to provide a reasonable and enjoyable interaction for law enforcement and everyone involved in the scenario. You would not walk into a massive bank without a plan, or a backup plan if something and / or if everything goes in the wrong direction.

    · 04.03: Upon the conclusion of a interaction and / or scenario involving the robbery of a public location and / or vault, a timer of one hour shall be complied with before conducting and such criminal activities again. Take some time, if you got away law enforcement agencies are searching for you, either stop it there, or plan out your next one.




    · 05.01: You may wear colors and clothing that is related to your organization around the city in order to properly represent your organization or group. However, you may not carry out any form for assassinations or violent interactions against individuals wearing similar clothing unless they are directly impersonating your organization, or attempting to do so in a manner.

    · 05.02: As stated above, you may not assassinate another individual for wearing clothing similar to your organization. However, if your organization and another organization has had a sanctioned war by the criminal enterprise team, and an agreement was involved for a specific piece of clothing to be granted to the other organization as a reward for victory, then that does not apply between the victorious organization and the losing one. If the losing one in that scenario wears that piece of clothing, the victorious organization reserves the right to initiate violently to have that piece of clothing removed.




    · 06.01: The policy and guidelines on the scamming and phishing is relatively clear, and is listed within the community policy: (ref: 15.01 and 15.02). Furthermore, refrain from scamming and / or phishing another individual that involves the currency transfer of $100,000 or higher.




    · 07.01: In regards to the usage of abusive language, there are boundaries to this, specifically when it hits a level of harassment and / or bullying. Refrain from initiating in excessive amounts of toxicity, and any conversations with the direct intention of causing psychological harm and injury to another individual. Anything derogatory, sexual orientation related and / or racially and belief related will result in a permanent removal from the community, and the probability of your organization getting disbanded without warning. Also, the community policy has more information regarding this: (ref: 02.01, 02.02 and 02.03).




    · 08.01: Law enforcement agencies are responsible for enforcing state and / or federal laws. They are highly standing authorities within the city, and the state of San Andreas that are to be held to the highest of standards in the community, and in some aspects they are to be approached with respect, and not to be messed with randomly. In reality, law enforcement are to be feared, however depends on context and specific interactions.

    · 08.02: Refrain from starting interactions and / or scenarios with law enforcement officers with the intention of verbally harassing and / or insulting them as a result of that. Show them respect unless you have a reason not to, comply with their directives unless they have given you a reason not to, do not display negligence without properly conducting the roleplay to provide the reasoning. For more information, read the community policy: (ref: 12.01 and 12.02).




    · 09.01: Assassinations on individuals with proven and known connections to criminal enterprise organizations and / or other criminal organizations is allowed if there is a valid and appropriate reasoning behind such assassination(s). However, in order for that assassination to be valid, it has to be initiated and carried out properly by those that are directly involved for it to comply with the community policy and criminal enterprise policy. Community policy on assassinations: (ref: 37.01).

    · 09.02: Carrying out an assassination on another individual without proper initiation and / or reasoning behind it will be considered random deathmatch as specified under: (ref: 22.01) of the community policy. Any and all interactions involving the killing of another individual must be done with reasons that are easily justified if it leads to government involvement.




    · 10.01: Wars and conflicts between different criminal enterprise organizations and / or gangs and groups are completely fine if carried out and initiated in an appropriate and realistic way. However, any criminal conflicts and wars involving a kill on sight must go through the criminal enterprise team, and furthermore it has to be reviewed and approved by the criminal enterprise team before any such war is to occur.

    · 10.02: Any wars that mutually involve a kill on sight agreement must have terms, these terms may go from anything like safe-zones where no such activities are to be carried out, to terms of defeat and victory on both sides. Criminal conflicts such as this will be directly dealt with by members of the criminal enterprise team to ensure it does not maliciously interfere with other interactions and scenarios around the city.

    · 10.03: Within any criminal conflict involving a kill on sight agreement, any and all members of the involved parties must declare the description of their colors and clothing, as well as the description of vehicles that they are going to be running around in. Colors have to be specific, both in regards of clothing and vehicles to ensure that the killing of uninvolved parties are greatly reduced.


    11. TAXING:


    · 11.01: Taxing is a common method or strategy deployed by criminal enterprise organizations, and is a valid method within the city of Lucid. However, there are limitations on taxing in order to make it fair and reasonable for the individuals that are being taxed. One of these limitations is that taxing cannot be above 10% of total amount of items.

    · 11.02: Upon taxing another individual, your organization is not permitted to tax that individual against for another 24 hours in order to prevent chain taxing, but also to prevent major organizations from abusing the fact that they are overmanning and out-gunning one or a couple of individuals.


    12. DRIVEBY:


    · 12.01: The usage of the drive-by strategy is frowned upon by the criminal enterprise team, and the community as a whole as it usually involves little to no initiation and interaction, and could be considered random deathmatch in a lot of scenarios. If one is carried out properly, then that is fine, other than that you should not use this strategy unless a kill on sight conflict has been approved.


    13. HOSTAGES:


    · 13.01: Criminal enterprise organizations may not use any form for hostages that originate from your own group of people in order to confuse and / or trick law enforcement agencies. In order for everything to remain reasonable, fair, and realistic, this is a must, this includes but is not limited to compensating the hostage for cooperating and participating with the scenario. Refer to the community policy for specifics on hostage limitations: (ref: 14.07 and 14.08).

    · 13.02: You are not allowed to take members of law enforcement agencies hostage without a very valid and reasonable reason as realistically this would almost never happen due to the fact that anyone responsible for such criminal offense would have several thousands if not tens of thousands of law enforcement officers searching for them. If a valid reason is presented, then the initiation and method of doing so has to be appropriate, and realistic.

    · 13.03: Validity in taking a law enforcement officer hostage would range from the officer attempting to cause malicious and negative impact upon yourself, and your criminal organization. This may go into fields such as repeatedly targeting and detaining members of your organization, searching them and arresting them, and repeatedly causing issues through bothering your organization.

    · 13.04: Taking a law enforcement officer hostage for interactions such as bank robberies is usually not a valid reason, and you should refrain from doing so unless you have an extremely good reason to do so, or if it is necessary considering specific events and circumstances, otherwise it is totally unrealistic and unreasonable to do this.


    14. ALLIANCES:


    · 14.01: Alliances between different criminal enterprise organizations are permitted to a certain extent. As a criminal organization you are allowed to have up to one alliance with another organization, this would also have to be ran through the criminal enterprise team, furthermore, anything else would be considered a treaty of neutrality.

    · 14.02: Your criminal enterprise organization is permitted to carry out any and all criminal activity alongside your alliances within the limits of the group quantity policy: (ref: 02.01, 02.02, 02.03 and 02.04). Any criminal activity both violent and non-violent that has the intention or high probability of involving any form for law enforcement or police organizations will be capped in accordance with those policies. Any numbers above this requires direct approval from members of the criminal enterprise team.

    · 14.03: Your criminal organization may execute wars alongside your alliances against other organizations and theirs. Any conflicts involving two parties on each side must be properly carried out, and it may only involve alliances that have been verified and approved by the criminal enterprise team. Anything else than this is not permitted as they would not be considered members of an alliance, simply a neutral party, which gives them no right to take part in a conflict.

    · 14.04: New alliances may not be started through the duration of an active conflict. If your organization is in an active conflict with another, then you may not start a new alliance and bring them into the conflict unless both sides of the conflict agree to it, which gives the other side the right to do the same at the same time.


    15. TERRITORY:


    · 15.01: Officially recognized criminal organizations such as registered and verified organizations will be rewarded with a piece of territory of their choosing within reason. However, a registered organization will receive less benefits and perks in doing so compared to the verified organizations. Unregistered organizations could obviously do this as well, however it would not be officially recognized by the criminal enterprise team. This will be displayed by the usage of a map which will be available to any and all leaders of a criminal enterprise organization.


    16. TORTURE:


    · 16.01: Interactions and scenarios that involve torture is allowed. However, must be carried out within reason and realism as the victim must be permitted to leave the scenario with all body parts intact if he or she wishes to do so. They may also request that you stop the usage of torture within the interaction, if you fail to do so they may involve members of the community staff team and / or criminal enterprise team to cease any activities involving these methods.

    · 16.02: Any and all acts in regards of sexual roleplay is frowned upon by both the staff team, and the criminal enterprise team due to the complications that may arise from this subject. While this is allowed with appropriate consent, we recommend that you refrain from engaging in any such activities and actions, doing this without consent will result in an immediate removal from the community.


    17. TRAFFIC:


    · 17.01: Traffic laws and signals should be complied with to the best of your ability in the presence of law enforcement agencies. However, this does not mandate you to stop at every red light and wait it out, though you are at the risk of getting involved with law enforcement agencies if they do decide to stop you for traffic infractions. It is your responsibility to lay low on their radar, and it is your responsibility to make sure that your criminal organization is not getting in trouble with law enforcement agencies. Refer to community policy for additional information, specifically: (ref: 07.02 and 07.03).

    · 17.02: Intentionally perpetrating traffic infractions with the intention of baiting law enforcement agencies into chasing you or your organization will not be allowed, this is highly unrealistic as a criminal organization would attempt to stay under the radar of law enforcement, not pull up to them to be chased by them. Be reasonable, be realistic, and use common sense.


    18. CAMPING:


    · 18.01: Intentionally camping highly public, high traffic areas, and illicit spots with the intention to commit criminal offenses against individuals, specifically robbing will not be tolerated. Organized acts of terrorism against other individuals in this form is not tolerated under any circumstance, be fair and reasonable to other people, this also applies to law enforcement agencies camping illicit drug spots with the exception if they have evidence that something is going to go down.




    · 19.01: While communicating within character, and in a roleplay interaction and / or scenario the members of any organization are mandated to take usage of radio communications within the server itself. These radios may be purchased at a 24/7 store or gas station, usage of external communication software with the intention of relaying information will not be accepted. Refer to the community policy for additional information: (ref: 16.01, 16.02, 16.03 and 16.04).


    20. DOWNED:


    · 20.01: Upon being downed or murdered during an attack by another criminal organization or gang, you are not to re-engage in that specific incident for a minimum of one hour as of the moment you were downed. Conflicts are supposed to be reasonable and fair, so it is important that you comply with this specific policy in order to make conflicts enjoyable and reasonable, rather than constant attacks in the same incident that led to them being downed and taken to pillbox for surgery or revival. This timer is voided if you get shot at by the individuals involved, or involved by them attacking you.


    21. SWITCHING:


    · 21.01: Individuals that join a criminal organization is allowed to leave that organization at any time. However, that specific criminal organization will have the opportunity to assassinate your character, which would lead to your character forgetting any and all information that could be used against the specified criminal enterprise organization, this involves but is not limited to information such as: (stash houses, properties, hangouts, and future plans).




    · 22.01: As a member of a criminal enterprise organization, especially if your in the leadership of one, you are expected to take accountability for your own actions, but also for the actions of those below you that you are responsible for leading. Being in the leadership of a criminal enterprise organization means making sure that your members are on the same page as the rest of your members, that they are willing to comply with community and enterprise policies.


    23. REPORTING:


    · 23.01: Refrain from turning unnecessary incidents and interactions into staff and / or criminal enterprise team situations and reports, such as but is not limited to your organization taking a loss, and furthermore reporting it for revenge towards the organization that beat you. This is petty, and is not acceptable, stop wasting time, and take the loss and move on and handle it within character.




    · 24.01: Any and all requests in regards of the criminal enterprise system has to go through the appropriate chain of command of the criminal enterprise team. An organization is assigned a liaison, and that is the individual that they are expected to contact regarding any concerns and requests in regards of their organization and group of people.

    · 24.02: Members of the criminal enterprise team are mandated to be present within any and all external communication servers that your organization has, such as but is not limited to your official organization Discord server. Usage of external servers without the presence of criminal enterprise supervision for the usage of you organization will not be tolerated.

    · 24.03: Failure to remain in compliance with the criminal enterprise guidelines, as well as the community policy will result in the long-term disassembly of your criminal organization, as well as the high possibility of punitive actions being taken towards members of your organization by the community policy standards rather than that of the criminal enterprise ones.

    · 24.04: Criminal activities carried out by criminal organizations is generally normal considering the status of the organization. However, each organization should do their best to avoid detection by law enforcement, and at the same time violence should be used as a last resort rather than as a first. Refer to the community policy for additional information: (ref: 07.03, 19.04 and 22.01).

    · 24.05: Refrain from consistently attacking, murdering, and assaulting individuals that seek revenge upon your organization or vice versa. This is naturally going to occur regardless of what your organization is doing, stay within character and have a open mind to everything, and make sure that everything is initiated appropriately and reasonably.

    · 24.06: Your criminal enterprise organization may at any time choose to leave their property and / or territory. However, this opens up a window for other criminal enterprise organizations to conduct an attack and / or takeover of your territory. Refrain from complaining to members of staff, or the criminal enterprise team over this. Deal with it in character.

    · 24.07: Any organization that has been determined to be inactive and absent from the city for a certain amount of time will lose their registration and / or verification, which will be dealt with by the criminal enterprise team. The criminal enterprise team puts a lot of work and effort into observing the criminal enterprise organizations, if we feel the time could be spent better on another organization, then yours will be disassembled.

    · 24.08: Upon your organization reaching the status of verification, any and all new members to the organization must go through a strict review process by the criminal enterprise team due to the expectations and standards for verified organizations. Individuals with an extremely negative record will have a lower chance of getting into a verified criminal organization.

    · 24.09: Criminal enterprise organizations and gangs will naturally not get along with each other, conflict is bound to begin between the different forms for organizations and parties. Refrain from having truces with every organization in the city, interact with other organizations, start some conflict or beef with them to spice everything up, keep it realistic and reasonable, but also enjoyable for all the parties involved.

    · 24.10: As a result of the disbandment or suspension of an organization, your registration will be indefinitely revoked, and the organization will no longer be permitted to operate as a criminal enterprise organization for a minimum of two weeks. However, if your organization has been blacklisted, you may never operate under the same name, colors, or with the same people unless approved by the criminal enterprise team.

    · 24.11: Upon reaching a total of three enterprise strike as a criminal enterprise organization with status as verified, your verification will be revoked for a total of thirty days. Upon the end of those thirty days, the criminal enterprise team will review your organization's progress, and determine if the verification status should be re-instated to the organization.


    NOTE: Any and all sections and guidelines that are presented on this page, and any references that are mentioned may be held against yourself and your criminal enterprise organization. These guidelines and policies are subject to change or amendments at any given time at the discretion of the Lucid City management team.

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