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  1. Kid seems to have a lot of Moxley- I mean, moxie.
  2. Sometimes it’s because of having made a new Discord account. I would recommend making a ban appeal on the forum for your Discord account so staff can investigate.
  3. Hello! Please fill out a ban appeal form at https://forums.lucidcityrp.com/forum/7-ban-appeal/ I also must inform you to not tag staff. Thank you.
  4. You don’t have to. I will lock it however.
  5. Metagaming. If you really wanted to do this, you’d do it in-game.
  6. Have you read the #faq section on the Discord? Since you are also new to the city I would also recommend reading the rules and getting familiar with the keybind commands.
  7. angrytaco


    Hello @Dion! If you would like make make an appeal on your ban go to https://forums.lucidcityrp.com/forum/7-ban-appeal/ and fill out the form.
  8. It will tell you your ban reason and length on the screen when you attempt to enter the city. If you want to make a ban appeal, go to https://forums.lucidcityrp.com/forum/7-ban-appeal/
  9. You have the clip. Do you have the ID and have you already filled out a Report on the player at https://forums.lucidcityrp.com/forum/9-report-a-player/ Have you also had a call on Discord with a staff member addressing the issue?
  10. https://forums.lucidcityrp.com/forum/7-ban-appeal/
  11. Welcome to the city. Be mindful of the blue and red lights that may try to expose you. ;)
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