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  1. Please submit an official ban appeal using the link I've attached with all of the appropriate information so we can work on your ban. https://forums.lucidcityrp.com/forms/3-open-a-ban-appeal/?ct=1630190499
  2. New form submission from Lawyer Application What is your discord name?: Instincter#6969What is your age?: 22How long have you been on Lucid City RP?: 4 DaysWhat is your in-game phone number?: 3350067138What is your roleplay name?: Amir CyatWhat country & region are you from?: Florida, USAHow would you explain the duties of a Lawyer?: The duties of a defense lawyer are to serve their client to the best of their ability in defending them against charges brought against them and to ensure their client is always in the best situation possible. The duties of a prosecuting attorney are to prosecute defendants that stand trial before the court and have the jury or judge deliver the desired verdict, guilty for the most part. There are other areas of law that obviously don't fall into the defense or prosecuting category, such as patent law or property law, but these areas of law won't play such a major role as the aforementioned types of law in the city.Do you have previous legal experience? If so, explain.: Yes, I have worked in previous law firms that focused on business law, property law, and general counseling. I will also be attending law school next year to eventually be a full-time practicing attorney.Why do you want to be a lawyer?: I believe I can help others, regardless of their situation, as many don't have much experience in the legal system. All too many times people are wrongly convicted, and it never sits right with me when I know they could have been in a more desirable situation.How are you different from other applicants?: I already have a decent amount of law experience and am also willing to work diligently with each and every one of my clients. I also have an objective view when it comes to the law and always ensure that bias plays no factor in the decisions I make with my client. With that being said, my client's future is always the at the forefront of the decisions I make, as I never want my client to be in an inferior situation.How much time are you willing to invest as a lawyer?: 5-8 Hours a day/7 Days a weekDoes your character have a criminal record?: NoWhat is your current occupation on the server?: Delivery driverHave you received any disciplinary actions in the past? If so, why were you disciplined, and what have you learned from that mistake?: NoDo you agree not to ask about the status of your application?: YesDo you agree to follow chain of command?: Yes
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