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  1. What is your Steam name? jholt1999 What is your Character name? im gonna make a new character if my application is successful What is your Discord username? Outis#8895 How old are you? 22 Have you received any disciplinary actions in the past? If so, why were you disciplined, and what have you learned from your mistakes? I had a 3 day ban in the past for wearing a mask to a protest. I appealed and was unbanned due to not being clear on the new mask rule. Do you have any prior experience within this field? If so, what? I don't currently but you can't gain experience without being given the opportunity to. Are you currently employed within any law enforcement agency on the server? no Why do you want to join the San Andreas Department of Corrections? because I like to try new things. as someone who spends a minimum of 8 hours a day in the city I know I can be committed to this What does the Department of Corrections do? The DOC overseas the rehabilitation of inmates that come into the facility and ensure they are no longer a danger to the public when they are set to be released. What can you bring to the Department of Corrections? I can bring a no nonsense approach to the prison to ensure the constant fighting becomes a thing of the past however I want the prison to be fun so people aren't going into their heads as from experience the prison is currently boring due to the lack of people in there and i believe I am the best person to offer that. What do you want to achieve in this department throughout time if you are accepted? I want to work my way up to become the warden or use this excellent opportunity to work my way into the PD as I would prefer my character to have a history and backstory in the city rather than just making a new character and applying straight into the PD. Do you know what Chain of Command is? If so, explain it—and do you agree to comply with it? chain of command is where instructions are passed from one person to another and yes I will always comply with instructions given to me by higher power. How would your approach change when engaging with an inmate who is male, compared to an inmate who is female? my approach wouldn't change all inmates deserve to be treated equally and under my watch I will ensure there is no special treatment. If you noticed a fellow Correctional Officer was doing something against DOC Laws and Regulations, how would you confront them? I would gain body cam footage of this and pass this onto the correct channels to ensure this is dealt with the correct and proper way. Imagine you approach a situation where a group of inmates are beating down a fellow Correctional Officer. How would you handle this? I will try to defuse the situation whilst radioing to the police for immediate backup
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