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  1. Hello all, Victor here!! New to the GTA V scene but not new to the RP scene ^.^ I have spent most of my RP time on ARMA 3 life. Recently decided to try GTA V RP experience. So here I am ^.^ Hope to see you soon!!
  2. Born and raised in the city. My father is a local tow truck driver/auto shop owner and my mother is a retired police dispatcher. I Never was the one to cause trouble or problems while growing up. Often spending time after school working with dad towing trucks/auto shop. Mom always worked long hours so we rarely spent time together. While I dont have a lot of friends, I am easy going and well mannered! After recently graduating college and earning a police science degree my parents have said its time to move out on my own! So here I am. 24 years old and part time working at the towtruck/auto shop while still applying to go through the LCPD academy.
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