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  1. What is your Steam name? terrosmagetv` What is your Character name? mclovin What is your Discord username? terrosmagetv How old are you? 36 Have you received any disciplinary actions in the past? If so, why were you disciplined, and what have you learned from your mistakes? no Do you have any prior experience within this field? If so, what? no Are you currently employed within any law enforcement agency on the server? no Why do you want to join the San Andreas Department of Corrections? im trying to learn the ropes in the way in law enforcement and working my way up What does the Department of Corrections do? they control the inmates in jails What can you bring to the Department of Corrections? well my 110 % im quick learner and looking to progress in the rp life What do you want to achieve in this department throughout time if you are accepted? well learning the ropes of the department learn as much i can to progress in the city Do you know what Chain of Command is? If so, explain it—and do you agree to comply with it? yeah i know is to follow who is in charge at the time there different leader but depend who has higher ranks How would your approach change when engaging with an inmate who is male, compared to an inmate who is female? should be the same with manners If you noticed a fellow Correctional Officer was doing something against DOC Laws and Regulations, how would you confront them? i would tell him his worng and need to work on it or im report to my chain of commands Imagine you approach a situation where a group of inmates are beating down a fellow Correctional Officer. How would you handle this? well first call for back up then ill figured out what i have to removed the inmates from my fellow coworker
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