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  1. What is your Steam name? FreshDecoy What is your Character name? Slim Ricky What is your Discord username? FreshDecoy#7446 How old are you? 19 Have you received any disciplinary actions in the past? If so, why were you disciplined, and what have you learned from your mistakes? As I kid I have made many mistakes to learn from such as swearing, stealing, breaking things, ruining things, and just not listening. Growing up it has helped me learn how to be a better person and prevent myself from making these same mistakes. I have learned many things from the mistakes I have made and from the mistakes other people have made as well. Do you have any prior experience within this field? If so, what? I have played a cop mod for gta before and I have played on a few other RP servers where I was a cop but nothing too serious. Are you currently employed within any law enforcement agency on the server? No Why do you want to join the San Andreas Department of Corrections? I want to help people and try to set them straight. I want to help people turn their lives around and become a better person. I like talking to people and I eventually hope to become an officer of some sort if I can. I hope to learn a lot from DOC and improve on myself as well. What does the Department of Corrections do? It tries to set a path for people to follow to recover from the mistakes they have made in the past. It also helps to prevent them from making those same mistakes in the future. What can you bring to the Department of Corrections? I am quick to learn so I wont need to be told multiple times to do something. I am very outgoing and helpful when needed. I am good at making people happy and helping others. I am a good people person and I work well in a team with others. What do you want to achieve in this department throughout time if you are accepted? I want to help people improve and I also want to help myself improve and become a better person. I hope to eventually become an officer and help many people along the way. I want to help people get set onto a path that can prevent them from making their past mistakes. Do you know what Chain of Command is? If so, explain it—and do you agree to comply with it? Chain of command is different rankings in the force that give higher ups more power over the newer rankings. It is a good way to learn to respect your peers and higher ups. I agree with a ranking system in any job. It helps people want to improve and work towards promotions. It is a good way to show that you can follow orders and know your place. How would your approach change when engaging with an inmate who is male, compared to an inmate who is female? I would probably treat them similar and help them with their problems. I would help show them a path to follow so they can make a change for the better to improve. I would not base my actions of treatment on their gender I would mainly focus on helping them improve and make a positive change. If you noticed a fellow Correctional Officer was doing something against DOC Laws and Regulations, how would you confront them? I would ask them what they were doing and ask them why. I would try to understand why they were breaking the laws and try to get them to stop. If I couldn't get them to stop I would have to report it to a higher up or at least let them know what is going on. Imagine you approach a situation where a group of inmates are beating down a fellow Correctional Officer. How would you handle this? I would first try to talk some sense into them and get them off of the officer. If that didn't work I would call for backup to help physically pull them off of the officer. I would cuff them if I had to until they calmed down.
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