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  1. New form submission from Lawyer Application What is your discord name?: Tankin#4210 ID:85796277417168896What is your age?: 25How long have you been on Lucid City RP?: Only a few daysWhat is your in-game phone number?: 3009775119What is your roleplay name?: Scooter WetzelWhat country & region are you from?: US - EastHow would you explain the duties of a Lawyer?: A lawyer is a highly qualified person who understands the law and who's duty it is to allow their clients to access the benefits of the judiciary system.Do you have previous legal experience? If so, explain.: Interned at a law office, currently in law schoolWhy do you want to be a lawyer?: I think it will be enjoyable to do some mock trial advocacy, even if FiveM is ridiculous in nature there is both fun and learning to be doneHow are you different from other applicants?: I'm dedicated, knowledgeable, and willing to learnHow much time are you willing to invest as a lawyer?: 20-30 hours a weekDoes your character have a criminal record?: NoWhat is your current occupation on the server?: BuilderHave you received any disciplinary actions in the past? If so, why were you disciplined, and what have you learned from that mistake?: NoDo you agree not to ask about the status of your application?: YesDo you agree to follow chain of command?: Yes
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