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  1. Story continued from part 1 click here to read part 1 One day, Tony and Cici get chased by the police because of a petty crime. Instead of pulling over, they decide to get into a high speed chase with the LCPD.. Cici and Tony start going 175MPH on their quads but failed to realise that the breaks aren't as good as they used to be. Both try to take a sharp turn, they wipe out and lose their life. Juan and Lolita didn't take their death lightly, more of their siblings dead.. the family is now broken beyond repaired. Juan and Lolita plan to terrorise the city with the rest of their family. Juan and Lolita execute a plan to hijack a plane with 14 passengers and crash the plane into Lucid Motors. Juan didn't want to get his sister involved in the hijacking because he didn't want her to lose her life, so he left her behind without her knowledge. The following day of the planning, Juan found an opportunity to take a pilot hostage to then lure people onto the plane. Juan didn't think it through once he took the pilot hostage, all he knew is he had an opportunity and took it. Once he had a gun to her head, he took her to the hanger, where there was a group of Jackboyz ready to kill Juan. One of the Jackboyz, Truth, realised the person that was taken hostage was his wife, then started yelling at all his boys to put the guns down. They all complied with Juan's demands and they all went on the plane. It wasn't just Jackboyz but innocent civilians too. Juan's plan started to come together, once they were in the air, Juan proceeds to call all the police officers phones that he had in his phone. The one that decided to pick up was Officer Booker, Officer Booker proceeds to try to talk down Juan into letting the hostages go. AOU were deployed, but failed to execute their mission as they crashed their helicopters mid-deployment because of engine complications which lead to the death of a few Air Unit Officers. Hours later, Juan is still in the air, he made sure to throw a few people off the plane in revenge to Tony and Cici's death. Many people fall to their death, after he threw some people out, then he jumped out the plane with a parachute and landed safely in Sandy Shores. The plane was then successfully landed at the airport after Juan jumped out. S.W.A.T then proceeds to help the remaining hostages off the plane and cleared the plane/airport to see if Juan was still in the area but no where to be found. After that incident, The Chingada family were considered a Terrorist Organisation, any Chingadas seen will be detained and arrested. Lolita then gets shot and downed by the Airport owner Michael Gomez because she tried to infiltrate his airport for information for their next attack. He then hands over her unconscious bleeding body to the police. Rushed to the hospital, Lolita is starting to bleed-out and almost lost her life. With extensive surgery done at Pillbox Hospital, she recovers. After she recovers, she gets taken to the cells, and then questioned by her brother Miguel. Whenever Lolita and Miguel see each other, it's nothing but bad blood so there wasn't any talking just arguing. Commander Holyfield then comes into the room, and questions Lolita into telling him Juan's location. She admits to being an accomplice to the terrorist attack at the airport to lay some heat off Juan. She escalates the situation into telling them they have plans for a next attack, a big one. One that's going to cause a big dent in the city of LC. She gives them vague codes to help them figure out their plans to toy with their heads. Commander Holyfield, and Lieutenant Diaz had enough of her bull shit and sent her off to jail for 550 months. Once she gets out, Lolita decides to get married to her girlfriend Alisha Pecia apart of the Pecia family. Also a criminal gone rouge in a family of LC civilians. Once married, she changed her name to Yolanda Chingada. That's when the tail of the Chingadas grew, considering the Pecia family is a big family in the LCPD. Yolanda helps Lolita plan the big attack that's going to happen in LC with Juan, Blanca, Diego, & Hector which made it Anya and AJ Pecia's responsibility with Miguel to take down the Chingada's. Realising they need more help considering they lost 2 big main factors to the heist. Juan & Lolita call Martín and Thomas Chingada in Mexico to find their way into LC. Thomas Chingada found his way into the city on a boat, and Martín found his way into the city the same way after Thomas successfully found his way into the city. Thomas and Martín will be one of the big factors in this heist as they are the C4 suppliers. They found a way to smuggle C4s into the city on the boat they came in that's going to help the next big operation. The big operation is planned, they're just waiting for the right time to execute the plan. Lolita, Yolanda, and Blanca plan a small operation to get information on the death of Santiago and Jose Chingada. They kidnap Corporal Bandz-Meskin, the child of Lieutenant Chaise Bandz and sibling to FIB Agent Bandz-Zhenya. Once they kidnapped Corporal Bandz, they took him to Human Labs where they tortured him, and fed him poison. After an hour of torture, and demands, the LCPD and S.W.A.T's intelligence closed down their location and found them at Human Labs. After scouting the entire building, they finally find them. Lieutenant Chaise Bandz, FIB Agent Bandz-Zhenya, Miguel Chingada, and Commander Holyfield come through the door with guns pointed at Lolita and Yolanda but Lolita put the gun on Corporal Bandz head and threatened his life by telling them they gave him poison and only they have the antidote. This made Lieutenant Chaise Bandz blood boil and she saw red because her child was poisoned by a pack of criminals. The officers bring in Blanca that was caught outside of Human Labs as leverage, but Lolita made it known that they aren't scared of death in the name of their family. They gave Bandz the antidote but still had a gun to his head, the entire building was surrounded with government officers. Yolanda and Lolita knew they weren't going to see light for many years if they give up and go to jail so they were ready to die that day. Yolanda whispers Chingada 2x... After that Lolita saw red, and shot Corporal Bandz in the head, but it only scraped his head and he was fine only minor wounds, he was very lucky. Yolanda puts Commander Holyfield down but there was just too many, they start spraying Lolita and Yolanda like a pack of wolves, rushed to the hospital after that incident to save their life so they can get information on the big attack Juan is planning. Lolita and Yolanda were in the operation room for hours with many bullet holes in their body, trying to save their life. Days later, they recover, and then questioned by Lieutenant Chaise Bandz, FIB Agent Bandz-Zhenya, Miguel Chingada, and Commander Holyfield. Lolita gets threatened by Chaise Bandz, but Lolita loves a challenge, she accepted. Once they were both recovered, then questioned, they get sent to solitary for 650 months, once sent they see Blanca. Some may say, they're still in jail... or are they? As time goes on, Miguel gets a call from a girl named Maria. Maria then tells Juan the story of how she was born. When Santiago Chingada came into LC when Miguel and siblings were young, he met a girl named Rosa Hernandez. Santiago was deeply inlove with Rosa, but no one in the family knew considering none of them were in LC at the time and everyone was young. When Santiago was murdered, Rosa was pregnant with his child Maria. Rosa knew the story behind Santiago's past, so out of respect for him she gave her his name and named her Maria Chingada. When Miguel found out the story, he thought it was bull shit. So he asked Maria to get a DNA test done by the LCPD. After the results come back positive, Miguel convinces her to join the LCPD and join in the academy to become an officer. Weeks go by, she passes, and joins the department. Miguel and Maria's plans is simple, to take down the Chingada family and bring peace to LC. To be continued...
  2. Hey newish guy i’m mary
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    Hey! Welcome to Lucid
  4. idk why the text is black smfh
  5. Background: Our father Santiago Chingada was in deep trouble with government of Mexico. As time went on, Santiago came into the states and found himself in LC. Struggling to find a job, Santiago gets himself involved with the wrong crowd just to feed his family, called the Cartel. With attention surrounding the Cartel, Santiago got on the FIB/LCPD radar, got kidnapped, interrogated and beat to death. The FIB made up a story that the Cartel killed them, that story got back to our family in Mexico. Jose, Juan, Miguel, Tony, Blanca, Rojo, Cici, Hector, Diego and Lolita Chingada were all just kids, raised by a single mom struggling to put food on the table. As we all grew up, the hatred towards the Government of LC grew larger. Jose was older than everyone for more than 10+ years, he was the back of the family ever since our father died. Jose smuggled himself into LC to avenge his father alone. He terrorised the city of Lucid, crimes after crimes, day by day, night by night. He started getting on the FIBs radar just like his father Santiago. Jose was murdered and killed by the FIB, they covered their tracks very well and blamed his death on the Cartel. Juan Chingada got smuggled into the city to find out why his brother, Jose died. The death is such a coincidence to his fathers death, it seemed like the same story. As time went on, struggling to find out information, Juan sends a letter to his little sister Lolita Chingada to come help him on his quest to revenge. Days go by, they find out Jose was killed by the FIB and LCPD, what’s when the quest to actual revenge started. Juan and Lolita wreak havoc on the city of Lucid. Murders, kidnappings, and many more crimes. Juan goes into hiding because he doesn’t want to die before avenging his brother and father. Lolita on the other hand, wants to die in the name of her family. As time goes on, and getting outnumbered by the FIB and LCPD, Lolita sends a letter to the rest of her family to come to LC and help them on her quest. Hector, Blanca, Cici, Rojo, Tony, Diego, Miguel all come into LC one by one. Miguel gets caught and manipulated by the government, got given a citizenship, and got invited to train under the police department of LC to “avenge his father and brother” because the Cartel killed them and not them. Miguel has another agenda, that doesn’t fit the rest of the Chingada family. The Chingadas grow to hate Miguel, they want to kill him because he back stabbed his family and they know the actual truth but instead got manipulated by a bunch of pigs. Miguel’s agenda is now to stop his family from killing “innocent” people and focus on their revenge towards the Cartel when he doesn’t even know the truth. Story to be continued....
  6. Settings all on normal. If you have GeForce maybe fuck around with the GeForce experience a little bit.
  7. Hello yall, LucidRP was my first city that I took serious, everyone in the city is welcoming and some not so much lol. I decided to make my in-game personality the same personality i have in real life, a girl not attracted by attention but by loyalty & good vibes. I don't get mad easily, only if something is really unfair but even then i'm chill. I am a Mechanic in game, if you need any repairs, Ill be there.
  8. jokkkkeeeerrrrrrrrrrrrrrr
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