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  1. In short, you don't. You get selected based of your ability to carry out proper gang roleplay.
  2. Hey there, regarding crafting it is something you need to discover within character, which is why I ask you to take this thread down as it can be considered meta-gaming. Thank you, and have a good day.
  3. I apologize on behalf of the department, but that was a very stressful situation considering the amount of people that were driving by shooting at the cops on scene. However, you could clearly see and hear that shots were being exchanged so you shouldn't have gone near that in the first place. You were shot due to the fact that there were people like you driving by, but instead of neutral intentions they were opening fire upon the officers. They were in the wrong, but you should have turned around the moment you saw and heard shots being exchanged.
  4. Donnie Wu is a businessman with distinguished success throughout the city of Lucid City and is primarily known as one of the three owners of the Lucid City Import dealership, but also as an individual with ties to criminal organizations and enterprises. Though the story haven't always been as bright and straight forward. Donnie Wu, born in Tokyo, Japan as one of two children of Sakura Wu and Akio Wu. Throughout his childhood his story was expected to come to a dark end, with one parent barely making enough to put food on the table while the other parent unemployed due to a physical illness. While growing up Donnie Wu was the son that got in trouble with the wrong people, while his brother Hikaru Wu seemed to go down the path to become a prominent and distinguishable artist with the possibility of getting into one of the best schools in Japan. Though one day the Wu's were taking a drive, and suddenly a car smashed straight into the side of the car and instantly killed the mother and brother while the father was barely alive. The people who Donnie Wu had gotten on the bad side of had come to take their revenge and claim what is rightfully theirs. A few weeks later the father of Donnie Wu was reported as deceased due to the severity of injuries during the car crash only weeks earlier. When Donnie Wu grew up he moved from Tokyo, Japan to Lucid City to begin a prosperous career. He started as a security guard at a secondary dealership, though one day a couple of men stormed the secondary vehicle dealership to rob it, the manager who was present was quickly found and forced into opening the safe in the dealership. However, Donnie Wu had not been noticed by the intruders and managed to sneak up on a single robber where he disarmed him and took out the second and third robber with the weapon he took from the first robber. This is where Donnie Wu's story of success begun, due to his actions he saved the life of the manager of the secondary vehicle dealership and was promoted up to salesman. Throughout time Donnie Wu kept building a network of a lot of contacts, both legal and illegal which led him to meet Eric Black and Leo White which led him to the Lucid City Import dealership where he was hired as a manager and within months was given a ownership-share of the dealership. From there the story only kept evolving... what happened next may or may not be revealed in the future.
  5. Hey there, my name is Sander and I go by xTyseth or CelestialAce as those two I have been using as my gamer tags. I was born in Norway, and it is currently my country of residence. Ever since I was a child I have always enjoyed gaming on computer, sometimes even on consoles. I found FiveM when it was known as Five Reborn through one of my real-life friends many many years back in time. In the beginning I didn't really enjoy it, but its something I started to enjoy over time and as of this thread I have around 1,400 hours on FiveM overall. I started playing on Lucid City roleplay over a month ago, I found it through two of my friends. I quickly decided to apply to join the staff team due to my passion with creating a enjoyable and fun experience for other players by efficiently handling situations where guidelines have been broken. What names do I go by? You'll have to find out :) Thanks for reading I guess!
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