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  1. Welcome to Lucid! This is a public server so feel free to join anytime!
  2. Welcome to Lucid Nicholas! Best of luck with your stream!!
  3. Not sure what you are talking about, Are you having a discord issue?
  4. Welcome to Lucid Laddy! We are trying to get music started in Lucid so be on the lookout for opportunities in the city!!
  5. Hopefully no one makes you mad! Welcome to the city!
  6. Welcome to lucid Sword! We have plenty of departments in the city that you could fit in! Be sure to apply on the forums and hopefully you will get accepted! Hope you enjoy the city!
  7. SASP Applications are currently closed. They will be open again in the future!
  8. Welcome Ben!! It is a public server! You are free to join whenever you would like! Welcome to lucid!
  9. Habiits


    Hello! Please do not spam the Forum!
  10. Hello BTS.... Again.......
  11. Habiits


    Hey man! Be careful to not post the same thing over and over on the forum! Thank you!!
  12. It is a public server, You can join anytime! Welcome to Lucid!
  13. This is something you would have to "Find Out in RP" :)
  14. Welcome Wavey! It is a public server so feel free to join anytime!
  15. Habiits


    Lol, almost there xD
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