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  1. Locked Use the ban appeal section for this. https://forums.lucidcityrp.com/forum/7-ban-appeal/
  2. Locked. The way you do this is by going to the whitelisted forums and making an application there. I will leave the link down below, please refrain from posting questions here and instead go to the general support side of the forums. https://wh.lucidcityrp.com/
  3. LockedI will be locking this to prevent any further pointless posts to this topic. Please make an unban appeal if this is still relevant. https://forums.lucidcityrp.com/forum/7-ban-appeal/
  4. The thing is. The whitelist will offer a more realistic RP experience if you are into that. I feel encounters once you get your own auto shop will be quite a bit better on the WL over the public. I do not think there is an official yes or no either on that wipe, so.
  5. We are The Saints. We are a family that will go to the ends of the earth to protect our allies & friends. We made it apart of our mission to be friendly with ALL other gangs & criminal organizations. We will never be the ones to initiate something violent with another gang, but rest assured doing something to one of us is as good as doing something to us all. As people that know what it is like to come from nothing we strive in not ruining the experience of the newer people to the city. And will do our best to make friends with the rest of y'all.
  6. Motherboard: X470 Gaming Pro MSI Graphics card: Gigabyte RX 5700XT Ram: Corsair Vengeance Pro 32GB 3600MHZ CPU: AMD Ryzen 5 3600 Storage 500GB SSD & 2TB HDD
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