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  1. @opie winston Your discord account must be at least 14 days old to be able to join our discord server.
  2. @SonGokuuu Try resetting your FiveM cache via the files and restart your PC. That should help solve your issue!
  3. @coolduncan27 What is your Discord ID?
  4. @JayyStreams Yes you are more than welcome to use voice changers in the city. Thanks for the question.
  5. @KimJongUn PD apps are currently closed please check back in a little while.
  6. @FuegoDiego I went ahead and tagged the necessary staff member to take care of that for you. Hopefully we can remedy this soon for you!
  7. Pitzo

    Tattoo shop

    @r2r0o They are currently disabled and will return soon.
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