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About Me

  1. Yan was born on December 31st 1999 in the Czech Republic. He was born to a not so very rich family in the city of Olomouc. When Yan turned 6 years old he enrolled into the Olomouc Faculty Elementary School. He was mainly struggling with Math and Physics but he was able to keep them steady until ending Elementary school in 2014. Yan shortly after moved to Germany to try to get a better education then in the Czech Republic. Yan was very interested in History and Geography, so he pick a school where he would take it the most. After 4 years in 2018, Yan passed and was now 19 years old. In 2019 he started university with a History Major and passed it in 2022 after 3 years. In 2023, Yan was now 24 years old and managed to save some money to travel to the United States, Lucid City. After arriving in Lucid City he began exploring the city, first thing he did was pick up his check of $15,000 in the Court building and buying himself an ID Card. Yan made his way to the DMV and passed A,B and C Driving tests. Yan checked out the tour guide and picked up a job at Lucid Eats which only lasted for a little while before finding about Downtown Cab Co. Yan made his way to the building and applied at the Taxi Email and managed to secure an interview with one of the managers. After passing his interview he started as a Junior Driver and completed his 15 fares in 1 day. He was promoted to a Standard Driver and is now at 41 fares and making some money finally. Last week Yan put in his PD Application and hoping he will pass.....
  2. Raised in Jackson, Mississippi, Vonechy flew into Lucid City to start fresh. His back story involves being the son of a Kingpin. Leader of one of the deadliest criminal organizations in the South. Vonechy managed to stay out of legal trouble most of his life & even graduated from College #JSU. But his Father's karma had finally caught up with him. On a dark & cold night, at least 10 hired hitmen invaded their Multimillion-dollar home & kidnapped his father, mother, and Vonechy! Tortured for hours, Vonechy was eventually released and thrown into some alleyway due to him still being a teenager and not being the main target. But his Mom and Dad were not so lucky, both died that night. After finding who ordered the hit and avenging his father, Vonechy flew to the West Coast, never looking back. He was ready to make a name for himself in Lucid City.
  3. In New York City, Omar Smith, a man of mixed heritage, confronted the sinister Serbian mafia. His best friend, Antonio, selflessly gave his life to protect Omar, leaving him with a burning thirst for justice. Forced to flee, Omar vanished into the shadows. Whispers spread that he would one day return, shrouded in mystery, to exact his revenge and unravel the secrets hidden within the city's darkest corners. But... would he ever come back? Only time would tell, as the story of Omar Smith faded into uncertainty, its conclusion suspended, waiting for the missing pieces to fall into place.
  4. Hello, Newly arrive in the City. New to everything (including RP) Lets have a great time.
  5. hey, i'm harv! i'm very passionate about RP and i've been RPing on all kinds of games for years! can't wait to get to know you all! name: harvey interests: gaming, RPing, modding, programming, acting, singing where am i from: britain! im from england :D can't wait to get to know you all and do some brilliant RP! :D
  6. Hey what's up ya'll, My name is Jash. I've been Roleplaying since 2014 with GTA:SAMP with servers like Red County RP and Streetz of Los Santos. I'm fairly new to FiveM and what it has to offer. With the San Andreas MP servers it was all text based, so I'll have to observe and learn a few things and adjust as necessary. I am a member of GTA World which is also text based, so I am fairly familiar with a few of the new game mechanics that GTA V has to offer as far as RP goes. I bookmarked both the city rules and gang rules for reference. Hope to see you all in-character
  7. howdy all, 34 here. NY born and raised. baby on the way, due in March 2022... scary and exciting. looking to meet and make new friends along the way here at Lucid. hope all have fun and lets make this happen.
  8. Hi all, I am new to all forms of RP and PC gaming. I'm even new to RP creators. I look forward to joining the community and experiencing a new world of entertainment. Thanks for allowing me to become a part of this.
  9. Hi I’m new name is tony Tony Montana I’m a fire fighter irl in lou ky us I really like rp and think this server is awesome I’ve played for about two hours now and have had 0 bad experiences
  10. Hello! I go by Alpha, and I am a small Youtuber/Twitch streamer. I stream a variety of games, and I've been watching a few streamers do GTA RP for a while and always wanted to join in on the fun, but could never find a server, nor figure out how to get the correct applications to do the rp part. Now that I've got everything set up, I hope to have a great time, and I look forward to streaming! If you wish to support me on Twitch and Youtube, just search TheTrueAlphaGaming, I'll also leave some links down below! Thank you, and can't wait to meet you all! https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC9nd9wpyhBSmhBvWBB_1IxQ https://www.twitch.tv/thetruealphagamingyt
  11. Having helped freedom fighters in a his native third world Middle Eastern country for the last two decades, Abbas Fattah was finally able to save enough money to move his entire family to the safety of America many thousands miles away from the terrors that ravaged his homeland. Driving home for the day in his sand-covered 1983 Toyota Camry he couldn’t help but feel that today was finally the first time in a while that he was truly happy. However, this moment of bliss was brief as he pulled up to the clay shack he’s called home for the last twenty years. The threadbare rug that normally covered the entrance to his humble abode was torn off and tossed to the side and he couldn’t help but notice the lack of noise coming from his home. At this time his wife Habibi would normally be cooking some nice sand stew for dinner as his four children ran about in childish glee, blissfully unaware of the terrible world they lived in. Abbas pushed into his home, not prepared for the nightmarish scene that would forever haunt him the rest of his life. In the only room of the house, kneeling on the sandy floor was his wife and children, bound, gagged and blindfolded clearly struggling to be freed. Around them stood five rogue militants, members of the very regime who Abbas had been aiding to expel for seemingly his entire life. They pointed an AK-47 at him and commanded him to place his hands behind his back which he readily complied with. The militants tied his hands up as their leader entered the shack. "Abbas Fattah I presume" the commander said as his dreadful presence filled the room, "You've been causing quite a lot of problems for my men aiding those infidels over the years." "I don't know what you are talking about, please what are you doing here let, let my family go!" Abbas pleaded The commander laughed as he brought out a pistol from his jacket. "Do not waste your breath traitor, we already have all the proof we need from your neighbor, he was quite willing to talk once we started cutting off his fingers" he said with a malicious grin. "Please, whatever you want, I'll give you, my friend, just let my family go!" Abbas continued to beg "Unfortunately for you, the time is well passed for any sort of pity, we come now only seeking retribution for your actions scum" The commander quickly turned to Abbas's youngest son and unloaded a single shot into his skull. His body hit the floor with an unceremonious thud. "STOP THIS I BEG YOU! KILL ME BUT LEAVE THEM ALONE, THEY HAD NOTHING TO DO WITH THIS. I WILL TELL YOU EVERYTHING!" Abbas continued. "Under the sleeping mat, you will find a list of all the people I have helped and who are working with me!" The commander shot a nod to one of the militants who quickly ran to confirm Abbas's claim. He returned with a sheaf of papers loosely tied with some hemp. "It is here commander, he spoke truthfully" said the militant handing the papers to his commander. He quickly scanned them as a smile crept onto his face. "Abbas!" he exclaimed "You've been very bad I see, these papers will help us tremendously, you have my thanks! For that I will leave you with you life, however your actions simply can't be overlooked." The commander gave a hand signal to his men who quickly pointed their guns at the back of Abbas's family's heads. "Kill them." He ordered without so much as a second thought and stepped outside of the shack. "NO PLEASE DON-" The sound of gunshots filled Abbas's eardrums as he watched the people he loved and cherished most in this world fall lifeless to the ground, slowly being surrounded by a pool of blood. The militants exited the shack and swiftly sped off in Abbas's car. Abbas struggled for several moments until he was finally free from the ropes binding his hand and ran over to the body of his wife, nestling her lifeless head in his lap, tears filling his eyes. Looking around him at all the pain this world had caused him so quickly, he vowed to exact revenge on those who took everything from him, or die trying. And so he booked a one-way flight to a place he heard where even a person with nothing can one day grow rich and powerful. A place riddled with opportunity. A place where he can make allies to return to his homeland with and get back at those who wronged him. And that place was known as Los Santos.
  12. Hello, my name is Teresa and I'm 22 years old. I just recently started looking for a new RP server. I found this one, it seems similar to my old one. I had to leave my old server due to a recent update that was causing my FiveM to crash. I hope to enjoy my time on the server and have fun with it! That being said I have plenty of RP experience, however it will always take me some time to learn a new servers way of doing things.
  13. Hi my name is CeeJay and I moved here from Northern California, I love the scenery!, It seems to be a lot of crime though, but the PD seems very well organized :3
  14. Hello, I'm Jbb; I typically go by Je or Houdinji, but I decided to switch it up for this forum. I'm a young adult with a lot of writing roleplay experience (On the Saints Row Forum, as well as Naruto and One Piece related RP subreddits.) I've got a handful of DND sessions under my belt for voice RP to draw from so I think I'll be able to adapt quickly. I'm excited to play a form of GTA online that doesn't involve random killings and unrealistic vehicles with insane weaponry. I'm also interested in creating a Character with a personality and set of morals, but no set career path or aspirations beyond survival. My goal is to organically develop a person through in-character experiences; and forge a path unknown to me today. I look forwaard to meeting anyone and everyone in Los Santos.
  15. Hello, my name is mishmish2016. Would love to be part of the LucidCity community!
  16. Hi my name is wolfy and im new to the whole city scene I come from the Uk to explore the new opportunities in my life. And i hope to own the car of my dreams one day and have a nice house.
  17. I've come to tell you a bit about my life and get accepted into Lucid city. CHILDHOOD When I was young I experienced how my mom got divorced two times from different men, they were abusing my mother which ultimately resulted in her hanging herself in my - TEENS I was 16 when I saw my own mother take her life, up until this point I couldn't understand what was going on, but I soon found out that I was being followed by the mafia, my mother was somewhat of a forced hooker, to them she was only a toy, no in my - ADULTHOOD I'm here to start fresh and find friends along the way, I realized that this is my best shot and I might even be able to forget everything that had happened This is my first time applying and I would be very happy to hear back soon
  18. Hello people my name is Rodolfo Acosta! I'm a Dominican guy setteling down after traveling and I would like to have fun... a lot of it. I look foward to meeting the locals and living day to day.
  19. hello my name is jesus ortega i am hispanic and i like to listen too music in my drop truck keep the streets clean and love to meet americans
  20. Hello my names Sky and I've been watching videos on GTA RP for a while now and just recently got more interested into wanting to RP myself. Joined LucidCity to have fun, play with others.
  21. Ignore the YT in my name, I don't upload, but it's been my username for ~6 years I've been watching RP for months now, seems fun, but I don't want to pay That's it, that's the introduction
  22. My name is Tyler and Im no stranger to RP. Back in the day, I was big into RP with the City Life Mod for ARMA 2. I miss those days... I see GTA has blown up all over the web with its RP servers and decided to give it a try. Hope to see yall in game.
  23. The names Chris White i moved here after a long life of crime back home i seek a new way of living here, and to stay out of trouble
  24. Hey everyone! I'm Sam034. I've done some minor Arma 3 Altis Life RP but none of those servers were strict with there rules. I am looking to expand my RP skills and make some new friends in GTA RP.
  25. Hello, call me Sin and yes I do like to sin but only for the better good (wink wink). Entertainment, Saving Lives and Money are the few things that are vital for my survival. If this meets your criteria of a drinking partner let me know. Have fun ya'll because I will too!!
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