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About Me

Found 2 results

  1. I've been making music for awhile now over 10 years in game. Started out as a College Student graduated in IT/Business Management, which took me into learning how to build Studio's and build PC's since my job when I was in college was Building Custom Homes. My Father was an original member of the Fantastic 5 which is an old Rhythm and Blues Group back in the 60's and that's where I got my niche for music.. I was self taught to produce music and learned everything by doing the research and watching instructional videos till I figured things out. Being a big rap star was never my goal in life but I always wanted to own my own record label and believe I this would be a good opportunity to take things to the next level.. In LUCID CITY...
  2. 1. Name (In Character) Maximilian Martial Degrazo 2. SSN (ID) AMC3968095 grown up in the hood. music was his outlet, writing to escape the horrors of the street. don't get it confused the artist known as Martial Artificial not afraid of what he sees but is a danger as his street smarts and ability to apply intellectual thinking and conversation people allows for a great character if he opens up to trust you. as his growing popularity opens many doors same doors also leave behind snakes in tall grass. talking about grass cant forget his love for the plant marijuana is more than his love for woman, as Mari Jane never cheated. wants to own a record label and a dispensary
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