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Found 2 results

  1. hi there Im not sure if anyone can help me i have a problem with my discord a few weeks ago and had to make a new one my new one dont let me join the Lucidcity Discord so i cant join the game i hope someone can help love this city and put a lot of time in the city with my friends kind regards Mitchell
  2. I need to talk to a fairly high member of the administration team if possible regarding an on going issue that's still in the process of being sorted / looked at, and before you advise me to go to the waiting room I cant.. I've been banned from the discord suddenly so therefor cant talk to any members of the administration team for help, if possible could you reach out to me with my discord Хьюго#9595 due to me being dyslexic I'm more than likely to struggle to read if someone does reply to this. Thank you
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