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Intro for spookyyyy


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Hey wassup people the names Ramirez you may or may not know me as Spooky foo, I've just recently started getting seriously into the FiveM RP scene after a not so great introduction to it a couple years back. This server has got me and my buddies hooked fr fr and im lovin talking to new foos in the street as spooky everyday. I was born in Venezuela unlike my character spooky from Mexico, I've spent a small portion of my life in West Palm Beach Florida but now im in the snowy boonies of Canada. I hope to get familiar with more faces soon and more in depth RP interactions and scenarios along with starting a BMX Shop for the city to sell and maintain/customize BMX's for low prices IF possible with hosted BMX race competitions and trick competitions. Well anyway that's pretty much it, talk to me foo if you see my yellow gorra or whatever foo.

cholo dance.gif

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