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DoC - Warden LCPD - Lieutenant


L.F.F.L. Lost Forever, Forever Lost

The Lost began in 1964 with eight U.S. Marines who met in Hanoi, North Vietnam. After the war ended, they had a continued thirst for drugs and violence. Because of this, they started the club and named it 'The Lost' in honor of all their friends who had been killed in the war. The President, William "Billy" Grey, was introduced to violence and racism at a young age. Billy committed many other crimes and served up to two years in juvenile hall before he joined The Lost MC. He was arrested for murder in 1989 when he was 18. Billy worked his way up from a prospect to president of the chapter. Billy is shown to be a sadistic and violent leader and as president, he enacted the worst acts of violence to The Lost's ongoing rivals since 1982, The Angels of Death.


Prior to Billy Grey's death in 2008, he and his then girlfriend birthed twins, Stella and Karlie. The girls were only 10 years old when their Father was brutally shot by a close confidant. Being raised by a violent drug addict, the life of crime was not unfamiliar to them. They spent over a decade robbing and killing to track down the man that killed their father. In honor of her Father, Stella and her sister wiped out what was left of AOD and cleaned house in Lost MC, rebranding the entire organization. On a long ride out in early January 2021, Karlie crashed her bike right outside of Lucid City... The girls had no choice but to travel on foot and decided to make this impromptu city their new home, hoping to find some new information on what happened to Billy.


The Winter was rough, and the New Year was quiet. The people of Lucid weren't used to having such a dark presence lingering in the city. By the start of the summer though, they had recruited enough soldiers to start an army. With no signs of any other MC's or worthy opponents nearby, The Lost is known to be one of the most prominent gangs in city till this day. Overtime, the leather jackets were dropped for black suits and the Harley's were traded in for Ninjas and chrome Exotics. They found great revenue in the Underground Gun Trade, as well as full control of specific drug locations.


They are one of the largest and oldest organized crime groups in Lucid City.
The Lost MC does not kill the incapable or rob the innocent. Their only goal is to take what's theirs. 



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