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Trying to get unbanned, here's my intro.


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Age:   24
First Name: Key 
Location: Oakland, California 
Past Server History: SSB World NY , Thuglife Rp, Lucid Rp, Highlife Rp
Backstory: Key Smith grew up in Oakland California and you know how that is. Dodging bullets and the cops is just another weekend in the town. Did what he needed to do to survive steal, 
sell drugs you know its hard for a black man growing up in the town. But he never wanted that life for himself, he dreamed every night of owning his own clothing store, his own restaurant, his own car shop, 
his own studio, and he couldn't do that in Oakland. Too many people doubted him said what he could and couldn't do like they knew his potential. He wasn't the Einstein of the hood, 
he just had bigger goals than being robbed and beat down every week. He knew as long as he was in this town he was gonna be stuck in this cycle. Might even achieve the dream of being on the news, 
but in the back of a police car. Having no friends to turn to for help, he was working at a Jack in the Box living out of his momma house saving up every dollar he could.
Gotta steady $10,000 under his belt, told himself his time is now, went on google and typed " plane tickets ".

Intentions/Goals going into Lucid:
       Goals is to own multiple houses, through legal businesses such as a restaurant, and or a studio. To really not be comfortable at all and always searching for the next best thing. People like to be hanging out in one spot, 
I will be moving like I gotta get stuff done regardless of how much bread I got " Ain't got 100 Mill yet, I can't chill yet" - Lil Baby. I would be working at a Fast Food place serving orders to the starving people hungry for success 
or being a Uber driver and transporting VIP and learning the business world from them and how to get my foot in the door.

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