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Lexi Lawson - Just landed in Lucid City!


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Hey, I'm Alexandra Lawson, but you can call me Lexi. 

I've literally just landed in the city from the UK. Things back home were getting a bit crazy. Not that I want to give him much airtime, but my dad is a well-known politician back home (Bartholomew Cockinhans, you might of heard of him for all the wrong reasons). It came out around a month ago that he had been having an affair with his secretary (it's so cliché, I can't even) and the papers leaked photos. Since then, there has been photographers camped outside of our house to the point we've had to move somewhere else temporarily. 

My whole life has been ruled by my dad's career and to not bring shame on the family (even now whilst I'm in my mid-20s) so it's a real kick in the teeth that he has been such a hypocrite. They are still printing about all of it now and I'm sick of just being known as the daughter of some washed up, disgraced politican. My mum understandably hasn't taken it well, but it's time I look out for my self, I want my 20s to be about me - not them and their messed up marriage. 

So I closed my eyes pointed somewhere on the map and here I am  with just my backpack and a few dollars to my name. I'm leaving that world behind and I want to create a name for myself. I don't know how I'm going to do that just yet, for now I just want to take some time to take the city in and meet new people (preferably not politicians).  

Hope to meet some of you soon.




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