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Hello! I’ve been in the city for almost about a month now, I didn’t know about the forums until a friend showed me their post, aha..Anyways, Lucid City is my first city ever to RP or join since I installed FiveM. So far, I haven’t left which proves how awesome it is.

I go by H around the places, I work for Olly at a grocery store but now I’m a gunsmith and...a “business” woman aha ☺️ I have a very high pitch voice, I’m quirky and can be annoying and irritated easily, but once you get to my good side, you’ll love me! It takes time to really know who I am. First impressions don’t really exist unless it’s business related. I’m not here to impress, nor care about anyone unless they show me otherwise. Anyways, I normally just roam around and chill with friends at Benny’s or around Sandy shores..Since I heard about a new City forming, I’ve just been chilling, getting to know the newer citizens, seeing how my other friends are doing.

I normally don’t tolerate shit talking with friends, and when I’m mad I’ll start QUESTIONING you. If I’m pacing back and forth, it means you’re not understanding me...I’ll have a nice talk but, if you still don’t understand me or the situation that was caused, it won’t end pretty.

I drive a bmw m5..yes it is my husband. I still can’t control it properly..so my driving skills are crazy but I can still drive properly if I don’t go fast! I just get a little irritated when I’m always the rotten egg aha. I LOVE CARS THOUGH! Especially if it’ll match my husband 🤩

You’ll see me in my head a lot, but that’s just me eating cause I love food.  I always have different outfits because..I need to wash clothes and to me, clothes and hair styles show my mood (and colour) that’s why you’ll always see me in a different outfit every other day. ( Also because of demon time 👿) And why I’m always at bennys, cause my husband has to match me 🖤 I hope you all enjoy this city and I hope to see you guys around~ nice to meet you all ☺️





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