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Theodore Matherson


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Former ICA field operative, Theodore Matherson, has been making moves in Los Santos for the better part of a month now. His career started in Vice City back in the early 00's, working with an anti-narcotics task force. From there Matherson moved up the ladder, taking a counter intelligence job sending him abroad for several years. In mid 2020 Matherson vanished, abandoning his position within the ICA following a botched operation citing, "gross disregard for civilian lives and an overwhelming level of corruption." in regards to his superiors. 

Upon resurfacing in Los Santos, Matherson has integrated himself with the local criminal community. His motives are as of yet unknown, but reports suggest he is putting together dossiers on the most notable underworld organizations and their members, in addition to gathering a small circle of like minded individuals to aid him along the way. Theodore is reputedly polite and cordial with those he meets, but this should not be mistaken for weakness.  Proceed with caution if you intend to make contact. 

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