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Michael Rice

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Micheal Rice. Micheal Rice grow up in sandy shores 
his dad was an aquaholic and his mom left his dad when micheal was three years old. 
One day when micheal was five it was that  time again that his dad would drink. He said to 
Micheal lets go shoot some guns your old enough now. but Micheals dad wasn't so drunk he still 
had SOME common sense to help micheal with the gun. And as Micheal got older he started to realize 
that what his dad was teaching him was wrong but like Micheal knew his dad was drunk and he didn't 
want to make his dad mad. With also the fact that it was to late to stop it even if he could stop 
being taught about how shoot it wouldn't matter because he already knew how to use a gun. So one a month 
later he built up the courage to tell him but what micheal didn't know is what would happen to him 
when he did when Micheal told his dad that it was wrong to teach a kid about gun he said to not say 
that again or else. Why his dad didn't want Micheal to tell anyone was because one he was very religious
 about guns and so he didn't go to caught 
getting drunk and doing these things with his kid so he hit Micheal across his face t
hen when Micheals dad was asleep Micheal called the cops they came and arrested Micheals dad, wit
h no one to take care of Micheal he was sent to an orphanage at ten. After  day months even years he was 
surprised that no one picked him, but he he had worse things happen to him. He read a newspaper talking about ho
w great LO Santos was and he wasn't going to let the fact that he had no parents stop him from going to LO Santos. So when 
he became 14 he got a job and start to save up since the orphanage had all the things he needed to live he had nothing to 
spend on that he NEEDED when he got older then he could get things that he wanted but for now it was only saving for the 
trip to LO Santos. When he became 18 he had more then enough money to buy a apt, food, a car, and clothes but when he went 
to LO Santos he found out that he didn't have enough money to buy a car but he had every thing else so he was fine with it. 
So he knew that he would have to get a job what job exactly well only time will tell.

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