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FPS drop like crazy


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So I have this weird issue with the city. I always drop frames like crazy in populated areas but my gpu is barely being used. Is anyone else having issues like this?

I attached pic of my settings and it showing a bad frame drop and low gpu usage.



PC specs

i9-9900K not OC at the moment                                                   

32 GB RAM @ 3200                                                                           

RTX 2070 Gigabyte Windforce not OC at the moment                                  

ASUS ROGSTRIX Maximus Xl  MB                                                            

750 WATT EVGA GOLD PSU             






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Head Moderator LCPD - Sergeant I SASP - Captain

These dips are common, they happen whenever you get close to a populated area. This issue is known and they are looking into the cause. Hopefully they will have a fix for it soon.

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