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The Diablos

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  1. The Diablos were once a cartel which I was once a part of as the underboss. We successfully completed 100 gun deals and accumulated about $12.5 million dollars with another $7.5 million dirty bills and a bag of $2 million bank inked bills. $5 million of the clean cash was used to buy the 24/7 shop at 120 and the rest was supposed to be split for everybody to enjoy. As the meeting for the clean money split was announced, I immediately headed down to the apartment complex across the street from the shop as that was where the meeting was going to be hosted.
    As I arrived, before I exited my car, I had noticed all of the guys had their hands on their weapon holsters. When I asked them what was going on, they had mentioned a group wearing yellow suits (which sounded like our allies at the time) had shot up the shop. When I mentioned the heavily armed security team at the shop, I noticed the duffel bag with my name that was supposed to have my cut of the clean money was empty and flat on the floor. As I put the pieces of the puzzle together I realized, it was a setup, they were getting rid of me! I booked it for my car as they started to take shots, I backed up, loaded my Micro SMG and took a few shots. I hit them a good amount of times but they out manned me by a lot but they only had pistols so jumped out the car ducked behind it and grabbed my assault rifle. I shot about 50 bullets before the security decided to shoot aswell. One security member shot me onto right side collarbone which almost killed me. I had enough adrenaline to drop my Rifle, jump in my car and speed to the hospital. I had to get 5 surgeries done in total but I had the drive to recover and get back at them.
    They did forget one thing however, I still had keys to the house holding the dirty and inked bills that they never took out of the wall stash. After I was able to go out of the hospital after my second surgery, I rushed to the house and loaded my 69 Charger trunk with the dirty bills and my passenger seat with the duffel bags containing the inked bills. There were a few other things but I had no time as I had to get this to my little stash apartment and get back for my next surgery. They were furious and went hunting after they found this out but luckily I was done with all of my surgeries before they found this out. With all of the money, after I got the $7.5 million dirty and $2 million inked cleaned with a $500,000 charge I got myself my own house, a couple cars, some other small things and I invested into businesses which put me very low in cash but the investments made me some money back, just enough money to start working on this project
    While I did this and as time passed, they went down the full criminal route while I was recovering. They robbed banks, shot cops and made drugs. However, they made one mistake that ran them out of the city. They invaded and attempted to take over a bank heist ran by the greatest bank robbers in the city at that time. They went to war for months while I was still recovering but eventually, they couldn’t fund the wars anymore and ran out the city. Anyways, Just recovering from my injury about a month ago, a lot has happened, both on the legal and illegal side of things but it was about time I finalized my project… The Return of The Diablos I will be running the Diablos without those scums yet be more successful as a gang as they ever were (respectfully)

    Now Recruiting

    DM MoochTG#7180 or Find Jones G. Juice in the city for recruitment questions.
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