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Into the Belly of the Beast: Los Santos or Las Diablas?


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Wherever one travels, doom and peril always manage to find their way to spectate close by. Those chilling premonitions happen only a few amount of times throughout our lifetime before our inevitable perish; the average norm, or so I thought. Moving to Los Santos there are two things that I came to reality with. One was that the same chilled feeling one occurs will forcibly burrow its way inside your spinal cord and stays there. The second, is that same damn feeling, is the only true friend that will remind you that nobody in this city truly has your back.  With an all out gang war, highest crime rates of bank robberies known to date, and most importantly, the insurmountable accusations of corruption in the police department, the city of purple has never showed its underside to the public in the way it has now. If curiosity killed the cat, the truth saved the cats peers. To whoever is still reading, stay strong, and embrace that feeling when in the city. It will surely save your life.

-Dewie Dobey

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