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Dewie Dobey: The Journalist with a Warped Smile


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Dewie Dobey is an awkward yet simple man from humble beginnings. Coming from a lower-middle class family, Dewie had a very tragic childhood that involved his parents dying due to the corruption in his city. The event had traumatized him to the point where he had lost the ability to speak for a long time, in which he would regain it back after years of therapy. Throughout that process, one thing that he had always found himself around was literature. For the things that his parents could not teach him anymore, Dewie would learn his everything else from there, and would eventually find a passion through it; Journalism. With his sense of justice from the amount of corruption he has distain for, added with his hidden grief and anger that is only portrayed in his papers, Dewie Dobey had grown to become the best journalist in his city to date. Now at 27, Dewie has recently moved to Los Santos...with a new clue that could lead-

to the murderer of his parents.

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