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After growing up in the hood, mother cooked meth and dad was a crack head, or the fancier way to say it, my mother was a chemist and my father was a geologist, I knew I was different. Cursed with ADHD, being a addicted, bipolar, skitzophenic and being light skinned in such a bad part of town my own culture just didn't think much of me. I always was smart though, disappearing into my books, in high school was always at the top of my class, but then dropped out because of the monkey on my back known as addiction. After finally getting clean for a little I learned a new way of making money, fraud. Identity theft, credit card scanners, the hole nine. My only issue though was I knew how capable I was, that's what made my head so big, after falling countless time due to my addiction or my ego and blowing all my money, i really feel like this time could be different...

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