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Flying in for the first time


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"Welcome welcome one and all!
My name is Seraphina, but you can call me Sera. I've decided to start anew in this wonderful city, and I intend to climb my way to the top. Although my home town is different from here, I hope to have fun exploring the society and land. I may or may not be a little dense... most of the time. Where I'm from, we had lots of animals. Doesn't mean I know how to deal with them, trust me, but I know weird facts about them! And medical things, as I said I'm not good with dealing with animals."

I'm not only new to Lucid City, and 5M, but ALSO to GTA 5! It's crazy I'm starting off here but I've been watching someone cool play on this server and decided to check it out, since I already enjoy roleplaying.

I hope to have fun here as I'm figuring things out!

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