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Going Home - Solo JG King


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Birth - 05/01/1998
Legal Name - Solo JG King
Nickname - Solo

For many East Coasters, the practical choice is upstate. For other Americans it's out West, or Texas, or a nice town to settle down in. For me it's back home in Lucid City (a.k.a. LC). I was born there, and my family moved the year I turned six. Life wasn't the best, but everything that had unsettled me about returning to LC in the beginning - the hectic energy, the constant noise, the onslaught of people - became an essential part of what makes it so soothing. The community feeling comes alive once you have familiar faces, but that a life I thought I would live here.

The real reason i'm here, my older brother went missing after getting involved in some heavy criminal and drug related activity. No postcards, emails, and all his social media accounts have been deleted. Even his phone company told us his number was disconnected. I'm not sure what mess will be made this time, but i'm willing to do anything to find him. You never know, I might just settle down in LC if all this pans out. 

(Solo King came to LC looking for his missing brother, but seeing the results of criminal activity; He stayed. Building a small criminal enterprise to track down his brother or whoever made him go missing). 

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