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The Grimm Family (Updated)

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This is The Grimm Family,
We are a solid group of people, who formed from humble beginnings. A bunch of party animals who turned to a life of crime, due to the astonishing amount of gangs in LC. We love to party and make connections, we are all about having fun and making money. Although our motto is "Business First", we are not afraid to shoot and get involved in wars. 
We have established ourselves differently than any other family, as we run more as an Organization. We are a well known family and have built up a good reputation around the city, all though we are a gang, we do not go around and cause trouble for everyone else. The Grimm Family philosophy is to never rob or scam people. 
Unless in casuals, The Grimm Family run in black suites with a cross chain and the Green Flag, and claim the 816 Kortz Center. We can be seen all around the city as we are a extremely active family.


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