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The One who's name echoes from the lips of many.

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I come to the city to parley, to use my words. The sweet essence of my linguistic skills outweigh many.


Who am I?

Well, I am Billy. 

I lie in the shadows, never going into the spotlight, never seen, never spoke of.

Until I need to be.


Where did I come from?

A pit long forgotten, a hole where you toss the vilest minds and toss them the scraps of society so they can see the world change without their poison to manifest and grow in the world like a disease.

I was born into that pit, never sleeping, always watching, always learning.


What are your goals?

For peace. For quietness.

The noise becomes unbearable, the noise of shootings, arguing.


"I walked the earth like men do, I ate like men do"

They claim to be the ones who own this city but what happens when someone who has the will of the people, and the will to dominate others comes in,

they become silent. 

They become weak, angry, bashful. 

They take what they think is theirs, and they take the women hostage, insulting, forcing the innocent to take on their moniker unless they want to die.


I am here to say.



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