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21 hours ago, booster said:

Hi can anyone please help me to join. I can go in the game. What I need to do?


If you can "go in the game" then all you have to do is create your character and load in.

If you can't join the server, make sure you steam is open and connected as well as discord being open. Also make sure to join the Lucid Discord.

Hope that helps :)

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Recruitment Team Gang Management Team Judge

Locking this. 

If you require help from staff, please join our waiting room located on our Discord
If you require help from players, talk to people in the city. You can figure out 100% of what the city has to offer, and how to gain money, or how the city operates just by having conversations with people inside of Lucid City. You take away the authenticity when you gain information from third parties, it's also against our rules.  

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