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Damien Jones aka DJ


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New to the city, I arrive wanting a fresh start in life, leaving tragedies and bad memories in the rearview mirror. I was born in Ohio to David and Foxie Jones. We settled in Clearwater, Florida when I was 5yrs old because Dad just loved the beach life. He said Clearwater was were we need to be. Not to fast not to slow. "Perfect place to run the business", he would always say. He was a well known body builder who traveled all over the world to compete and promote the Family Business. As I knew it then, the family business was in Body Building gyms all over Florida. My Mom was the brains behind the family business. She was the business manager. She was so smart and boy did she run a tight ship. Honestly, those were the best days of my life. We were always together. My dad even let me work out with him when mom wasn't looking lol. He always wanted me to be the best I could be and the strongest. He was a tough S.O.B. and he wanted nothing less but for me to be just like him. On the other hand, my mom, she wanted me to use my head more. She always used to say work smart not hard DJ lol. She was always on me about being a leader, honing many crafts and to stand on my word at all times. Like I said earlier, best days of my life. My dad knew everybody. They loved him and he loved them. I was able to meet so many people, even famous people. He would have lots of Body Building contest and parties after. Sometimes MMA fights too, which was very cool! There were times though when I met some of the most dangerous people in Florida but Dad was never scared. In fact, they would always have gifts and big black bags for him. I never understood why he would meet them at such odd hours of the night. Why did they come bearing such lavish gifts and those black bags? One day I snuck in his office, looked in one of the bags from a "late visit" and found the most money I ever saw in my life. Underneath the money there was a lot cocaine. Now, I didn't know what kind of drugs they were exactly yet but I would find out soon after. Just my luck, my dad strolls in his office and bust me. He wasn't mad. He just said, "Family Meeting now". Later that night, my Mom and Dad sat me me down and told me the truth about Family Business. Well maybe not the "Whole Truth" but enough to satisfy a 12yr old's curiosity. They made me promise to keep my mouth shut and they would teach me everything I needed to know when the time came. Mom wanted me to start on the legal side of the business. My dad on the other hand was grooming me to take over everything. Now, I know what you're thinking. Why would they involve their child? Some wouldn't agree but I was an only child and my family didn't believe in secrets. They probably felt keeping me in the dark would've been more detrimental than keeping me in the loop. By the time I was 21, I was running crews and handled most of the day to day for my Dad, so he could focus more on being the face of the business. Plus, old age was slowing him down a little. I wanted to prove I could take over whenever the time came. If we only knew what was coming. The night of my 24th birthday my dad threw a huge party for me. It was so lit. Everyone who was anyone was there. Felt like the whole state of Florida was there, which is how the problem slipped in unannounced so easily. Its the end of the night and my Dad had something for me special and wanted everyone to come out front to see it. Yuh, I knew Dad came thru with a new whip but which one was the only question on my mind. As I'm pulling the cover off the new car, shots deafen the crowd. As you could imagine, hundreds of people running any which way, ducking for cover. My dad pushed mom and I to the ground trying to shield us. When I fell to the ground I hit my head real bad and it knocked me out. As I came to, I was being looked over by a medic. I called for my Mom and Dad but no answer. The medic then informed me both my parents were shot dead. Worst day of my life. It took so much out of me. Why would someone kill my parents? Come to find out, it was a rival wanting to get my Dad out of the game. He got too big. Like they say, "Mo money, Mo problems". I tried for years to get my Dad to keep more of our guys on deck just in case. He would always say, "The city loves me". That never settled my feelings on the matter but its my Dad. He projected strength and power. Who would ever test that? In truth, some tried but failed miserably. So I let the old man do it his way. Now, because I didn't protect my family they're dead. I'm all alone with no family, no business, nothing. To top it all off, every birthday I have from now on will serve as a reminder of their deaths. Being alone in my thoughts really didn't bring the best out in me. I went into a depression of sorts. I was lost. So I hid myself from the world. Luckily, a civilian was able to identify the shooters and police caught the killers. Now a yr later, with the final court proceeding sending the killers to prison for life, I can finally move on. My dad used to always say if we left Florida, San Andreas was they place to be. Specifically, Lucid City. So here I am. The only question is can I rebuild the Family Business? Do I follow my moms advice and keep it legal or do I follow my Dads path and get it by any means necessary? Either path I decide to take, the only result can be complete domination. Just like they taught me. One thing for sure, two things for certain. I'm coming and I wont be stopped! I have to win. For them!

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