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Nikolai Bolshov

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Nikolai Bolshov

Parents: Diana & Nicholas Bolshov
Nikolai was born on May, 21st 1983 in St. Petersburg USSR.

With a Italian mother and Russian father Nikolai was introduced to strong family values,
survival at all cost, distrust that the government will feed you when you're cold and hungry
through personal experience.  Nikolai moved from St. Petersburg to Liberty city in 1991, and
eventually Los Santos in 2020.  He spent the last 20 years of his adult life trying to find a
home, coming to the sad realization that leaving his home of the Soviet Union in hopes for financial
success would result in never having a place he can call home.  Nikolai is known by all who know
him to have trust issues.  retaining his direct mother tongue's style of communication also
gives many the impression when meeting him that he has a temper or is rude.

Nikolai left Liberty City after the family he drove for as a personal chauffeur started dying off
 and losing their foothold in the labor union market.  In 2020 Nikolai began working as a private for hire cab driver

He now lives out of a motel in Harmony, just north of Los Santos.  Driving into the city
when he runs out of drinking money to cater to other drunks as a cabbie in the Hollywood district
or transporting strippers from club to club.  He's always looking for work, does not ask questions, and when questioned simply replies; "I'm just a driver"

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