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JerkeySnake's Introduction


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My whole life has always been about redemption. As a British-Indian, moving from my home-country illegally at such a young age traumatized me. I grew up in the streets with no one beside me and had to learn the hard way that the world isn't as we imagine in the comfort of our homes.  No one will help you unless you make a name for yourself and as hard as this was to grasp, it made me the determined person I am today. As I grew up, I learned that the quickest money came from gangs... I floated between gangs, doing the dirty work to make some cash so that one day I can live a good life... a decent life. I have gone through too much in my life, seen things that no man should see, done things at a young age that no man would do. I have lived my whole life in the wrong... now its about living right. This city is the way to start a new life... a better life!

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