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Custom ped package

Garry ONeil

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I believe that the custom ped package should be changed from a subscription to one time payment as its $30 for a so called custom ped when its really a existing gta 5 ped. I believe that changing this to a one time payment will benefit the server highly as the role players like my self will increase the sales of this product and you will see people roaming around as ped characters more often. Not only that but since playing from the 1.0 city I have seen only around 5 ped players and have never seen them again. Thanks for taking the time to view my suggestion and I hope that you will take this suggestion into deep consideration

Yours Faithfully

Garry O'Neil


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I like your idea, I wish more people would try and create better RP characters that stand out in city. Its so boring and really quite stupid that everyone wears the same shit, same hair, and masks. I get it when your involved in a gang activity or RP'ing out a heist but for god sakes, how many people run around IRL with blue corn rolls, pajama pants and Friday the 13th masks lmao

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