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Brandon Rogers - A New Beginning

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Character Background: Brandon Rogers

Birthdate: 30th September 1978
Place of Birth: Near Birmingham, UK

Early Life: Brandon Rogers was born and raised in a rough neighbourhood near Birmingham. From a young age, he was no stranger to the harsh realities of street life. The streets where he grew up were often plagued by violence and crime, and Brandon frequently found himself being mugged and attacked. His childhood was marked by these relentless encounters, instilling in him a sense of vulnerability and a burning desire to defend himself.

Turning Point: At the age of 12, Brandon decided to take control of his life. He enrolled in boxing lessons, determined to stand up to the bullies and criminals who made his life difficult. The discipline and training he received in the boxing gym not only toughened him physically but also instilled in him a sense of confidence and resilience.

A Scarred Past: As Brandon grew older, knife crime in Britain surged. One fateful evening, a group of masked assailants, armed with knives and a machete, attacked him. Despite his boxing skills, Brandon was overpowered, and one of the attackers slashed his face with the machete, leaving a permanent scar. This traumatic event deepened his resolve to escape the violence that seemed to follow him everywhere.

Personal Tragedy: Brandon found solace and happiness when he met his wife, who became his anchor amidst the chaos of his surroundings. However, his world shattered when she passed away unexpectedly. Her death left him devastated and alone, exacerbating his fears and frustrations about the escalating crime in his neighbourhood.

A New Beginning: Determined to leave his troubled past behind, Brandon began searching for a fresh start. He scoured the internet for potential new homes and stumbled upon a place called Los Santos. The promise of a new beginning in a distant land appealed to him. Without hesitation, Brandon booked a flight for the 15th of June, 2024, deciding to leave everything behind except for his phone and a few clothes.

Life in Los Santos: Arriving in Los Santos, Brandon is acutely aware that he must start from the bottom. In a new country with no connections or resources, he knows he will have to rely on his grit and determination to build a new life. The scar on his face serves as a constant reminder of the battles he's fought, and the lessons he's learned. Brandon is prepared to face the challenges of Los Santos head-on, determined to rise above his past and forge a brighter future.


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