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Hey, my name is Joseph :) Some other names I go by on social media are "clikyxo" and in game "cliky." As if now I'm at 27.9k followers on TikTok and I found that editing and posting funny gaming clips has been the bread and butter for my videos to do well. I play multiple games such as Valorant, Rust, Phasmophobia, Among Us, and Osu, but my first ever success with connections to professional gamers started with Fortnite where I got really close to "Bugha" after he saw my content of my playing and people saying I was a "Bugha 2.0." Ever since I've been uploading content that seemed to do well and although Valorant content can be funny I wanted something where I can interact with a lot more people and get some funny moments so I decided to try and apply for a gta rp server since I haven't played in a while and know the potential with people in these servers goes through the roof!

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