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Kentrell Gaulden


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Kentrell is a confused gangster. Having lived the high life being the son of one of the richest people in liberty city he felt he need to make his own name. leaving his rich roots behind, he started small, nickel and dime convince stories and such. one day he met a girl, a girl who put a bullet in his back as he was leaving a robbery. left for dead, he woke up in the hospital handcuffed to the bed. his short lived life as a criminal was over...or was it???? he looks up from his sorrows to see the girl who shot him, dressed in all tight black leather, blasting the two cops guarding his room. she throws him his clothes and rushed him outside. waiting was her jet black motorcycles. she hops on and signals for him to do the same. 20 min later they are free from the cops and stop outside of blaine county. who is she he wonders, will he ever know.. after a long silence, she finally offers her name. imma. odd name who was he to speak. she revealed that she was a paid assassin, sent by his father. his father was ashamed of the life Kentrell had chosen and decided death was a better solution than the stain on his family name that his son had become. Kentrells father had refused to pay Imma for her services since Kentrell hadn't died. there was something about Kentrell Imma liked, something about him told her he should die... at least not yet. now they are both on the run, lawless duo, running from the cops and the million dollar bounty Kentrells father has placed on both of their heads .

what will happen next...

only time will tell.

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