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Mack daddy kane

Mack Kane

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Mack was the illegitimate son of the famous rapper "Big daddy Kane". His mother a drug addict would use prostitution as a way to feed her addiction, sometimes leaving him home alone. This resulted in mack learning early on to take care of his self and the only thing that matter was money. Growing up in the suburbs of Houston, Tx. Mack learned early on that to survive you had to learn how to throw hands. Wasn't easy being a white boy in the fifth ward of the 3rd coast, but mack earned the respect of those around him. He quickly climbed the ranks and earned the spot of right hand man of the infamous Pimp C. Mack learned the in and out of how to make money quickly and turn it into legit money. Funding many strip clubs, massage parlors, and bars. Mack had plenty of friends but alot more enemies. 

One day Mack got a call saying his father passed away unknown that he had a brother, Mack began to chat with him constantly, always wanting to meet up and get to know him. 

While all this was going on the FBI began a task force cracking down on prostitution and illegal activities. Those in Mack's crew began to flip, snitchin for shorter sentences. When Mack got wind of it he informed his brother of the situation and his brother agreed that the best option would be for him to come to lucid city.

The week before the raid was to take place on Mack's estate he decided it was time for a fresh start. Taking a body from the morgue Mack placed it in his home, busted the gas line to his stove, lit a candle in the bedroom, and left in the middle of the night. 

Upon arriving in Lucid city Mack and his brother were driving through the city. When suddenly a gang fight broke out at a red light, Mack's brother died in the incident and mack was badly injured. With no friends and no family,  Mack is now having to start fresh with nothing but his street smarts and the fuel of revenge!!

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