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Cops need to be fixed they just shoot before asking


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4 hours ago, Joker said:


These cops in this city are bad no RP ever. needs to be fixed they just killed me for no reason. ( GET BETTER COMMAND)

This was wrong on their end 100% and I apologize on behalf of them, but please do not loiter around active situations. You make it seem like you are attempting to be involved.

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I apologize on behalf of the department, but that was a very stressful situation considering the amount of people that were driving by shooting at the cops on scene. However, you could clearly see and hear that shots were being exchanged so you shouldn't have gone near that in the first place. You were shot due to the fact that there were people like you driving by, but instead of neutral intentions they were opening fire upon the officers.


They were in the wrong, but you should have turned around the moment you saw and heard shots being exchanged.

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