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just hopped off a plane

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Leaving my old life behind me, or at least I hope. Once a successful dealer in Miami Beach who had it all, money, friends, a beautiful house, an amazing girl friend, you name it i had it until the CIA came and took it all away in one raid. Its crazy how much you take for granted when you have everything you can dream of. Moving to Lucid City I look to turn it all around. No more dirty deals to make that easy money, no more crime, no more late nights drinking, no more drugs. I come to Lucid City in hopes of joining the PD and make a difference in society. To become a stand up citizen, someone people can look up to. A smart business man once told me if your happy in your profession you will never work a day in your life. nothing makes me happier then wearing a gun on my waist and driving a vehicle purchased with tax payers money to serve and protect

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