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Tifanny Scamisha

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Hi guys it's your gurl TIffany here, Tiffany Scamisha from the house of Scamimies and it's my third day in the city I've met some really cool people shoutout to the officer, pink hair doctor and random guy at the city hall that saved me for the three ocassions that I have been knocked out and to the lovely friends from the white knight, Haiee how y'all doin~ 

Now a bit about myself, I came from a humble peninsula called Malaysia and my thing back there was art. I do aspire to bring art into the city of Los Santos and probably own a club or a recording studio if anyone knows anything about it why dontcha hit me up~ At the moment I'm still looking for a job, I got signed as a builder but I don't really do heavyweight lifting so if anyone wants to hire I'm still technically unemployed. 

And as far as crime goes, a lady never gets her hands dirty, but for my friends and desperate times I'm willing to make it an exception. Anyways hope y'all have a lovely day, stay safe and stay alive. Periodt. 

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