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PD Applications!

Paris B

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After reading all 9 pages of denied and accepted police applications, I decided I was more than qualified to apply! I have no problem with being denied let me say that now....But i do find it interesting just off time stamps that anyone could have read 10 applications in depth in 10mins. Chino denied 10 applications within 10 mins of each other after not looking at any for 3 days. I find that interesting and why is it that 1 person in the pd gets says over the whole city's police force. I don't mind if i do or do not become a police but I do think there needs to be more fairness and maybe some outside input besides 1 person saying accepted or denied! There's also no back story behind the denied applications, it's the same copy paste response, How are we suppose to improve or reflect on our application if you just say the same thing to everyone?

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