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From: Gwad Noorapap, Subject: introduction

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Hello to all,

My name is Gwad and I have come from from a farming village just outside of Rome, Italy.  I come to your city looking for a job with decent pay to support my family.  I have many brothers and sisters still in Italy and I want to make them proud, you know?  I worked many times on cars in Italy and wonder maybe if I can find job as mechanic.  If not, I will have to pursue other ventures because still my family will be struggling.  I can play some guitar, so if all else fails maybe I wonder if I could do guitar performance to pay for my families needs.  

As a young boy in Italy, I never believed that one day I would actually make it all the way to Lucid City.  I guess the promise I made to myself, when I snuck in the old broken coliseum near my house, actually payed off.  It was a pitch black summer night, my brother Julius and I were walking down the street with all of our parents savings from half the year to make sure we had enough clothes for the winter.  Suddenly, out of nowhere a man popped out of the alleyway with a trench coat on.  My brother and I were so scared.  We started to run but we were not fast enough.  Julius and I fought and fought the man, but could not beat him.

Laying defeated and moneyless on the sidewalk, not able to move, no hope of finding a way of surviving an attack like this.  But, a man pulled up in a Toyota Supra, that mans name was Martinus Maximus the third.  Because of this mans quick action, and most of all his really fast import car, my brother and I made it to the hospital in two minutes and were saved.  But, because of this incident I promised I would go to Lucid City, and money for my family to survive no matter the cost.  And I also vowed I would never be defeated again.  I will become a successful man and contribute to the people of Lucid City and my family.

I look forward to meeting all the good people of the city.

- Gwad Noorapap


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