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Oy, Ratty Here!


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Hallo all yah feckers here in th' city, m'name's Ratty (Rathania McTysec if yer down tah get yer arse whooped), an I'm here t'make some cash an' enjoy a life o' excitin' stories.

Fer a price tha' is.

20 bucks an I'll show yah a rock tha' bigfoot once shat on, an fer 40 ye can take th' sucker home.

She's a brash lass from (Scottland? Ireland? Never seems to clarify and enjoys when folks keep asking) and has a deep love for the con artists of old. Saw a few too many movies with con artists and decided they MUST be the good guys! Look how swanky they look! Plus those folks were too dumb to believe them!
So if you meet her, she might try to sell you stuff that may or may not be junk with a fancy name and a big pricetag.

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