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Brett Smiley's SASP Application

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New SASP application from Brett Smiley.


Character Name
Brett Smiley

Discord and Steam
nathanshank55#3662 nathanshank55

County and Region
Los Santos, Davis

Age (18+)

How long have you been playing on the server?
1.5 hours, 05/11/2021

Why do you want to join SASP?
It's always been my dream to make my community a better place. As a boy I grew up in some pretty rough areas. We would quite often have our home or car broken into. Now that I'm starting my own life, I want to live in a place that is safer than that. In my opinion the best way I can help with that is having a hand in helping clean it up.

What depicts SASP from the LSPD?
I feel that the SASP has more of an opportunity to help make the lives of more people better than just that of one town. They are able to accomplish this with they're wider jurisdiction and they're vast resources. With all of the tools they have in their arsenal, the SASP can get more done at the end of the day than the LSPD.

What do you have to offer?
If I am lucky enough to be selected to serve with the SASP, I can offer my skills as a driver, shooter and critical thinker. I am also a very loyal person and will always have the back of my fellow officers. I promise to be through and calm in heated situations. With my skill and my loyalty to the time, I know I can bring a lot of good to the force.

What roleplay have you been primarily carrying out in Lucid City so far?
I have really just been spending time watching characters play as officers and have been watching how they handle situations and trying to learn from them.

What makes you suitable for this department?
I have a desire for justice. All my life I have wanted to help my state and my community get cleaner. I know it's rough living here but this is my home and I would do anything for it. I know the best way to do that is to serve it and to help protect it's citizens. I will do what I can from this position to provide that protection and safety to all the people of San Andreas. I think I have what it takes to professionally provide the help that the SASP needs to accomplish this.

Have you received any disciplinary in the pas, as well as any bans or warnings? If so describe why.

Do you know what the chain of command is? If so explain it and, do you agree to comply with it?
Yes the chain of command is in place so that a large group of people can be organized and guided in an organized matter. It allows everyone to have someone to report to so that everyone is held accountable. I do swear to uphold this chain.

Do you agree that you will act respectfully and maturely at any and all times?

Do you understand that you could receive consequences from your supervisors if you fail to follow the rules?

All applicants are required to read and understand the community policies, have you done so?

Do you understand that you can be removed or blacklisted from the department if you receive a certain amount of disciplinary actions?

Do you agree not to ask staff members or members of the department command staff about this application?

Do you understand that you must show respect regardless of age or affiliation?

Do you believe you put the necessary effort into this application?

You get a call that there is a bank robbery in Paleto bay, there is a Sergeant from the state police present, and a commander from the police, who takes command of the situation in regards of jurisdiction?
The Commander would take charge of the situation and give orders to the Sergent and have the Sergeant give the commanders orders to the officers below him

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Hello Applicant,


After reviewing your application, the leadership of the San Andreas State Police have concluded to DECLINE your application. However, we do not wish for you to be discouraged as opportunities may arise in the future depending on whether or not you intend to re-apply. You may submit another application after 14 days as of the moment this message was published.

Reason: “How long have you been playing on the server?” 1.5 hours, 05/11/2021. This isn’t enough you need more experience within the city before applying.


Captain Jessica Cortez

San Andreas State Police Recruitment Team

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