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How to mention ooc problem in RP

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So I believe that most people that are used to rping would know about this but since this is a public server and there are literally players that never roleplayed before stepping in here. I think it'll be nice to have like a glossary of terms for certain ooc stuff to say in RP 

For example :


fiveM/computer crashing = head pop

lag = headache

Computer/Pc/Laptop = Brain

Fps = Contacts

"Letter" Key = "Letter" muscle

T/ = think about

Server restart = Tsunami


And many other more that I might or might not have forgotten.  I think this would help people teach newer players without necessarily breaking the fourth wall and rp and it also helps to keep the immersion of the roleplay like for example when you wanna ask when someone will be online you can say "when will they be awake." In roleplay. 

We could probably post the glossary here and also in discord to help out anyone that's new to role-playing. 


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8 hours ago, sPEED sLOTH said:

going afk - go into your head/zone out

logging on - i just woke up

logging off - im going to sleep

laggy - im dizzy

mic - voice box, voice, you sound sick, you mute?

use/press button - flex _



I feel like a lot of these aren’t used on Lucid 


logging on and off is flying in and out 


laggy is headaches 

the others seem correct 

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