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Ichiro Ito


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I am Ichiro Ito, I’m a 29 year old half Japanese guy that grew up in Europe. At the age of 4 my father took me to ride some karts and I've been hooked since then. My family worked excruciating hours to fund my passion as a junior race driver. At the age of 14 I got the opportunity to drive for a well known team called Futo Motorsports. I enjoyed my time there learning and improving. After 5 years I won my first championship! For the next few years I drove in different car classes and teams when suddenly 4 days after my 26th birthday something terrible happened.

I remember vividly… It was the 26th of March, a beautiful spring Friday. The first test drives are going on at my favorite circuit called Spa Francorchamps. I remember complaining to a mechanic that the car felt too stiff at the front. He worked on the front suspension and my race engineer told me to go out and test it. I drove my first lap carefully… zigzagging. You know, trying to figure out the configuration and feeling. The lap after that I started pushing hard.. I came out of turn one on to the long straight and felt my car pull towards the left wall. At that point I was driving 284km/h.. I approached turn 3. It’s a really tricky turn going upwards bending to the left. Whilst i was going up i felt my car bottom out… and suddenly the front left suspension gave in. I couldn’t turn anymore and my car transformed into an uncontrollable rocket. I flew into the wall and then everything went black.

I woke up 1,5 years later out of a coma. It took 9 months to recover and be able to walk again. I’ll never be the same guy and my racing day’s surely are over ,but I can still drive a little.. I can’t handle being in Europe anymore due to my memories so that's why i moved to Los santos. I’m just new here and i know nothing but maybe i’ll meet some interesting people.

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